the Quality.

SIPP makes a smart home device that conveniently treats your drinking while also providing qualitative data to build your trust in the safety of the water


Introducing SIPP

A Smart Home Drinking Water System

The public has lost faith in their tap water. SIPP aims to change through our novel device that comprehensively treats water in real-time while providing quality data to prove it’s safe. All while being a more convenient option than bottled water


Our Smart Home device installs with the same simplicity of a garden hose. Then through our mobile app, setting up the device to monitor your data is a breeze.


Homeowners can see the quality of their drinking water in real-time thanks to our SippScore™. Users will also be able to easily track their device’s health to know when a replacement filter is needed as well as track water consumption.


Our novel UV-powered disinfection reactor treats water as it flows from the faucet to ensures the water is free from harmful bacteria & viruses.


Peace of mind is a great thing. Our filtration & disinfection is a last line of defense against any contaminants that might be lingering. Further, our app will notify you of any massively adverse conditions in your water or home system.

Our Products

SIPPSafe Device

A way to check your water quality and track your water intake.

Smart Phone App

A way for homeowners to check their SippScore™ and pay their bill.

Meet Our Team

What started as a graduate study project is now a full-fledge product ready to help the world. Lead by some really smart folks whose credentials are sure to make a splash.

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