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Sipp makes data analytics software and treatment devices to help water providers and community members collaboratively create a safer drinking water system.
Introducing SIPP
The Smart Community water monitoring system.
Our Smart Home device installs with the same simplicity of a garden hose and our software empowers the most unsophisticated utility with powerful data collection and monitoring.
Homeowners can now see the quality of their drinking water in real-time thanks to our SippScore while utilities can easily track and repoart on data across their entire service area.
Our novel UV-powered disinfection reactor treats water as it flows from the faucet to ensures the water is free from harmful bacteria & viruses.
Maintaining drinking water infrastructure is hard. Conditions are constantly changing with expectations that never do. The Sipp system gives communities the tools to crowdsource the effort of proactively maintaining the distribution system.
Data driven alerts provide a real time monitoring system to notify homeowners and utility personnel when things start to go bad.
Meet Our Team
What started as a graduate study project is now a full-fledge product ready to help the world. Lead by some really smart folks whose credentials are sure to make a splash.
Sipp Challenge
Our goal is to make every community a safer one through better data and insights. Take the challenge with us by participating in our pilot program to scale up efforts.
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