SippSafe Community Challenge

Keeping harmful contaminants out your community’s drinking water is hard. So is managing miles and miles of pipe infrastructure.

We want to help with both.

Take the challenge and join our pilot program to create Smart Communities and wash away infrastructural failures & contamination.

Challenge Goals

Our goal is to provide a platform that integrates with your current operations and enhance them.


Keep users engaged through our proprietary scoring system that tracks device health, water consumption, and water quality alearts.

This collection will also use data from the Sipp SmartHome devices to train your alert system and help you pinpoint issues.

Customer Management

From complaints about quality and services to bill pay, customers can be a real-time vacuum. Our goal is to eliminate customer phone calls and create a more streamlined issue tracking system.

Sipp provides tools to better communicate with your customers and modern ways to pay their water bills, like Apple Pay.

Proactive Maintenance

Our devices deploy throughout your service area to create a mesh network of quality monitoring. This data gives you a snapshot of how your infrastructure is performing in real-time.

The goal is to help you prioritize issues that arise by having a brief understanding of what the cause might be, as opposed to blindly sending maintenance personnel to test.

Our Tech

Learn more about our underlying technology that makes the Sipp System possible.

Smart Home App

A way for homeowners to check their SippScore™ and pay their bill.

The Device

Proteus – The Smart Home device that treats your water & monitors its quality.


A platform that helps utilities monitor and optimize their operations.

Our Team

We’re a group of engineers that think with a little ingenuity there can be a better way to drinking water treatment and management. This project started as a graduate school project and is now a full-fledge product. Check out our team and why we think we’re the folks for the job.

Who Should Apply?

Any utility organization that wants to optimize its operations and build a safer community. If you want to scale up data collection, minimize EPA fines, and streamline your customer interactions, then this is the program for you.







How It Works

Step 1

We will review our current progress and go over the scope of our product. Here you get some input on the priority of our product roadmap.

Step 2

In this step we will implement the SIpp System in your service area. We will be with you every step of the way with 24/7 support.

Step 3

To conclude we will collaboratively review the collected data with you as we prepare for a full commercial rollout and make any necessary improvements to the system.

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