Smart Home App

The SIPP Smart Home app is the place to monitor all things drinking water. It will guide the user through the setup of their device, log usage of the device, provide customized alerts, and even allow for a daily water intake tracker.

Key Benefits

Quick Installation

The Smart Home App guides users through a quick and easy setup. Within a few moments, the user can have their device installed in their water line, treating their water, and displaying water quality data.


Track all things drinking water directly in the app. Water quality, consumption, and device maintenance upkeep, all in one app.

Drink More

Set goals and get reminders to drink more water. Compete against your friends and family to be as healthy as possible.

The Smart Home App

A one-stop shop for managing all things drinking water.


Keep users engaged through our proprietary scoring system that tracks device health, water consumption, and water quality alearts.

Track Device Health

Get up-to-date indicators on how your device is performing and the life of your treatment mechanisms. This way you can trust the device is working and know precisely when a replacement is needed.

Drink More

Drinking more water is one of the universally agreed to health tips. We give users an easy way to track what they drink and track it over time.

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