SippSafe Device

Meet the SIPPSafe device, the smart home device that attaches to the kitchen supply line with the same ease as hooking up a garden house. In addition to tracking key water quality data, the SIPPSafe device filters and disinfects your water with UV light to keep your drinking water contaminant-free.

Key Advantages

Data Driven Replacement

Water usage data triggers automatic filter replacements that are delivered directly to your doorstep for easy installation.

Comprehensive Water Treatment

The SippSafe device utilizes both filtration and disinfection techniques to remove harmful contaminants as water flows from the faucet

Dynamic Alerts & Notifications

Beyond water quality alerts, the SippSafe device will notify the homeowner of other potential problems such as leaks.

Meet the SIPPSafe Device

Our SippSafe Device uses an array of sensors and Wifi to collect key indicators to monitor water quality from connection to connection. Users may also opt for added filtration and UV disinfection options.


Installing the device is incredibly simple. Threaded inlets and outlets make it as easy to connect as a garden hose. Connecting to your Wi-Fi happens through the mobile app and connects the same way as many other popular smart home devices

The SIPPSafe device uses a comprehensive approach to treat tap water in real-time at the point-of-use. The filter cartridge is meant to collect large particles like heavy metals or even some larger organisms. The UV disinfection cartridge aims to eliminate the threat of small viruses and bacteria that can pass through the filter pores. Finally, the device monitors the health of these cartridges to trigger automatic replacement part shipments as needed.

The SIPPSafe device has an array of sensors meant to provide a snapshot of the water quality at the tap where it’s installed. Turbidity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Temperature are key indicators of water quality. While pressure and flow give us an idea of the health of the device and the system as a whole.

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