SippSafe Device
Meet Proteus, the SippSafe Device that attaches at the kitchen supply line with same ease as hooking up a garden house. In addition to tracking key water quality data, Proteus filters and disinfects your water with UV light to keep your drinking water contaminant free.
Key Advantages
Data Driven Replacement
Water usage data triggers automatic filter replacements that are delivered directly to your doorstep for easy installation.
Comprehensive Water Treatment
The SippSafe device utilizes both filtration and disinfection techniques to remove harmful contaminants as water flows from the faucet
Dynamic Alerts & Notifications
Beyond water quality alerts, the SippSafe device will notify the homeowner of other potential problems such as leaks.
Meet Proteus
Our SippSafe Device uses an array of sensors and Wifi to collect key indicators to monitor water quality from connection to connection. Users may also opt for added filtration and UV disinfection options.
A key metric is measuring the clarity of your drinking water.
Measures the acidity or alkalinity of the drinking water
Dissolved Solids
A quick analysis of particulate concentration within the water
Nothing complicated - just how warm or cold the water may be
A way to monitor the pressure coming from the water main
How fast or slow the water is moving through to the faucet
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Let's Talk
Kind of weird for a water provider to give this out, right?
You're not wrong, it can seem a little weird that a provider is handing out devices to help with treatment. But that isn't what we're saying they need help with. In fact, they're pretty great at treating water.

Where we want to help is in measuring the effectiveness of their treatment and optimizing operations to maintain the pipe infrastructure. This part is really really hard, because if you haven't noticed, those pipes are underground and difficult to see. So we strive to be an early indicator of data to help with this effort.

To do this, everyone within the service area receives a wifi enabled device with sensors to monitor and report water quality data.
What about treatment?
From talking to people that drink water, and being ones ourselves, we've learned it's easier if things just work together. So to eliminate the need for other treatment mechanisms, we've built the device so that you can easily attach our filtration and disinfection add-ons.

Filtration is very common and popular with the faucet mounted units or with refillable pitchers. Filtration for the SippSafe device uses the same type of treatment and clicks on directly to the monitoring device to filter out harmful contaminants such as lead.

Disinfection is done in addition to filtration to remove harmful pathogenic viruses and bacteria. E. coli and legionnaires are good examples of pathogens taken out with disinfection. The SippSafe Device uses a novel ultraviolet (UV) cartridge to disinfect water on a flow basis. Like the filtration cartridge, this cartridge attaches directly to the base.
Where exactly does this thing go?
Great question. While the device can technically go anywhere there is a water connection, we recommend attaching at the cold water supply for your kitchen sink. On average, most families get their drinking water here.

Installation is incredibly simple and works much the same way a garden hose would. No major plumbing or equipment required.
Will I need one for every faucet?
Short answer: only if you want to.

As part of your water bill, you will only be provided one monitoring device. Additional treatment options and devices may be purchased at your discretion. That being said, our minimum recommendation is one device at your kitchen sink.

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