Make Your Tap Tech Savvy.
The SIPP device quickly and easily installs with no plumbing so you can treat your water with similar quality as the plant and get crucial data insights that ensure it's as safe as you want.
The SIPP device quickly and easily installs with no plumbing so you can treat your water with similar quality as the plant while receiving data insights that ensure your water meets your safety standards
Introducing SIPP.
The easy-to-install Smart Home water treatment & tracking device.
Flow Through Capable
The Sipp device conveniently treats your water as it flows through your faucet.
Comprehensive Treatment
We reduce and remove living and non-living contaminants from lead to E. coli.
No Plumbing Installation
The device easily attaches under your sink or behind your refrigerator.
Non-Living Contaminant Removal
We use the latest in Activated Carbon technology to reduce and remove large contaminants such as lead and chlorine.
Living Contaminant Removal
Our patented compact Ultraviolet (UV) reactor removes harmful biological contaminants such as E. coli.
Internet of Things Connectivity
With Wifi connectivity, users can track data on their water consumption and providers can track stats on quality.

Why do you SIPP?
Turn your sink into a SIPP-station to unlock the full value of your tap. No matter why you drink water, SIPP has you covered.
Tap water cost much less than bottled water on a per ounce basis.
The SIPP device provides great tasting water in real time direct from the tap.
Stop using plastic water bottles and bottle your own water straight from the tap.
The Sippscription automatically sends fresh filters & other replacement parts monthly.
How it works
No Plumbing Hook Up
Our device easily attaches at the quarter turn shutoff valve below the sink or on the inlet to your refrigerator. Water will flow through our device to be treated and out through your faucet like normal.
Sync with our App
After installation the user will sync with our app to connect their Sipp device to the internet to begin tracking.
Tracking and Reporting
Once the device is connected to the internet it will begin to track a user's consumption and report on water quality.
Subscribe to Replace
No one replaces their filters on time. With our data analytics, we will track your usage and automatically send you replacement parts when they need to be replaced.
Compare Sipp
Bottled Water
Filter Devices
Sipp gives all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks of bottled water.
  • All the plastic from bottled water is extremely harmful for the environment. Sipp lets you get the same quality while using a reusable eco-friendly bottle
  • Bottled water, particularly the high end brands, are very expensive on a per ounce basis. With a Sipp device you will be able to drastically lower your per ounce cost for drinking water.
  • By treating your tap water with our Sipp device, you will be able to get great tasting water directly from your faucet.
Sipp disinfects AND filters for comprehensive treatment. Similar to the methods at the plant.
  • The popular filter devices on the market can only remove large particulates. The microorganisms that make you sick will still pass through. Sipp's patent pending compact UV disinfection reactor can easily handle these smaller contaminants.
  • Filters must be changed to work optimally. But remembering to change these filters can be a real pain. That's why Sipp uses our app to monitor your usage and automatically send you replacement filters when it's time to change.
  • Wouldn't it be a lot easier to log your water consumption if it just happened automatically? This is exactly what Sipp does. We push your water consumption data to a smartphone app for you to easily track. Try getting that out of your filter pitcher.
Come On In, Water's Fine
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