SIPP Fundraising Campaign
Together We Can Make a Splash
Fundraising Round
Money from this fundraising round will build on our momentum toward product launch and help accomplish the following key milestones.
Last Mile Product Development
The Sipp Device is designed and ready to begin final fabrication, testing, and calibration. This is the last step before we can begin large scale production.
While our team is great, we could use a little more help. Especially with sales and marketing. With a successful round, we can hire our first full time employee to focus on marketing and brand development.
Legal & IP Counsel
Our initial device is protected via filed patents. We will need to maintain our current patents and file follow on applications to ensure our IP is protected as we grow.
Initial Marketing Push
We will do everything we can via organic methods to build buzz for our product launch. Funds will be used for extra marketing fuel for targeted ads to generate early sales.
Put A Drop In The Bucket
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