Our Mission

SIPP’s mission is to give the people of the world the tools and information they need to take control of their drinking water situation so that they have the cleanest water possible, as convenient as possible.

Our Vision

SIPP’s vision is a connected world where individuals and their communities work together to identify water quality issues as quickly as possible to prevent wide-scale contamination or infrastructural failures before the occur.

Our Team

What started as a graduate research project, has grown into a movement to bolster drinking water infrastructure and end the global water crisis.

Ben Bickerstaff

Head of Business Development & Ops

Mark Elliott, Ph.D.

Lead Scientist & Treatment Engineer

Noah Wallace

Lead Product Engineer

Patrick Kung, Ph.D.

Lead Technical Engineer

Peyton Falkenburg

Head of Fundraising & Business Strategy

Sam Kazeem

Head of UI/UX

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