Smart Home App

The SIPP device quickly and easily installs with no plumbing so you can treat your water with similar quality as the plant and get crucial data insights that ensure it’s as safe as you want.

Key Advantages

Modern Bill Pay

Tired of mailing in a check? Ever miss or lose the bill in the mail? Now, pay the bill & manage your account directly from your phone.


Track all things drinking water directly in the app. Water quality, consumption, and device maintenance upkeep, all in one app.

Drink More

Set goals and get reminders to drink more water. Compete against your friends and family to be as healthy as possible.

The Smart Home App

A one-stop shop for managing all things drinking water.


Keep users engaged through our proprietary scoring system that tracks device health, water consumption, and water quality alearts.

Modern Bill Pay

Gone are the days of mailing bills and checks. Now customers get their bill directly to their phone with digital payment options enabled.

Drink More

Drinking more water is one of the universally agreed to health tips. We give users an easy way to track what they drink and track it over time.

Want to know more ?

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We understand the water might be a little murky here. Let’s try and clean it up.

The SippScore is a rating system to help each individual person within your service area contextualize their drinking water needs. In our opinion, these needs start with quality, upkeep of dispensing techniques, and consumption. They all three play a vital role in overall drinking water quality.

The variables that contribute to the quality of water at any given access point are virtually limitless. The SippScore attempts to deliver an easy-to-understand indicator that A) builds trust and transparency with customers by knowing the quality of water delivered is high and B) gives them actionable steps they can take on their own to improve their score.

Because water quality alone doesn’t tell the whole story, we do not provide granular data to the homeowner. At least not on a historical basis. If no other reason than your average person doesn’t know the meaning of NTUs of Turbidity or the ppm of Total Dissolved Solids.

We do grade the water quality within tolerance intervals around the MCLs of your area. You as the provider can set these tolerances, and it will update as the water quality fluctuates.

Our goal with the SippScore is to build trust between homeowners and the provider. We do feel that even this bit of transparency will make the homeowner feel safer and more confident in what is provided. All without increasing customer complaints….

Great question. We understand that digital wave has caught everyone. There will be an option for paper bill delivery. Any person is always open to still mail a check, there will just be digital payment options available.

No, you don’t. It is possible for a community to make use of Sipp without smart home devices.

Bill pay, consumption tracking, and customer service ticketing will all work perfectly fine without a device.

We just cannot track the water quality and give a complete SippScore without the device. Because well, there is nothing to track it with if you don’t have a device.


In fact, we encourage everyone to sign up their family for an account so they can get their very own SippScore. They will just need to sync with the device in your home to receive the water quality.

You will just need to designate a person or persons that are responsible for paying the bill to activate Bill Pay features. Looking at you Mom and Dad…