A platform that makes life easier for water providers by streamlining water quality data collection & reporting and tools for headache-free customer service management

Key Advantages

Streamlined Reporting

In our opinion, CCR reports should be automated and never manually mailed again. That and more with our reporting options.

Real Time Monitoring

Utilize a mesh network of devices to complement water sample data and customer complaints to see quality data in real time.

Stress-free Interactions

Set bill pay to auto-pilot. Create automated responses to customer inquiries Isolate elevated issues to easily prioritize.

The Platform

An integrated system to improve every facet of your daily operations.

Data Analytics

Compile data from all sources to see quality, operational, and customer data in one spot


Annual design conference to discuss the role of technologies in everyday life

Customer Management

Annual design conference to discuss the role of technologies in everyday life

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No, we do not think this will be the case.

Put simply, the water provider will be able to see granular and specific data on industry-standard metrics, while homeowners only see information pertaining to their home. Since your average person doesn’t likely know the difference between Turbidity and Total Dissolved Solids, we package and present the data in a more consumer friendly option.

Our proprietary metric, the SippScore, is a measure of an individual home’s situation. It does not show real time updates on quality, but instead a more contextualized message of not just water quality, but also maintenance they do themselves at their home (like on their SippSafe device) and their water consumption.

The variables affecting water quality at any one location, at a given time, are complex and nuanced. We strive to strike the balance between empowering the professionals with high quality data and transparent information for homeowners. We believe the SippScore strikes that balance.

Reporting can be difficult and time consuming — especially for smaller teams.

Our initial focus is to make sure we are efficiently collecting data from all the right sources to power internal reports for your key stakeholders and external reports for customers and regulatory agencies.

Specifically, we aim to automate your Consumer Confidence Report as a primary external report. Internally, we want to track testing and sample data and customer data (payments, maintenance issues).

We also don’t want to be the bottleneck. You are free to take the data and make any sort of custom report you want.

Have one that would specifically be useful? Let us know. Email Ben — and tell us.

You absolutely can.

We take the approach of having the many pay a little, so the few don’t have to pay a lot.

Our pricing structure is a small monthly fee per service connection. The fee is low enough that you can easily integrate it with the water bill and it won’t dramatically affect the total cost for your customer

The rationale is simple: everyone can pay a little for better systems maintenance and operations, or wait for large capital expenditure assessments, or worse a total failure. We believe the former is an overall better scenario for the community.

Short answer is no. We would like to integrate with your SCADA system so that you can also see that data directly in our dashboard.

Remember, the goal is to integrate and enhance your operations. We are not trying to change your operations or replace them.